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It’s Not About You! Vegas gems from TM International Conference.

September 2, 2015

Here is another of the wealth of ideas gleaned from the recent Vegas convention I attended (I still have many more pieces of writing I want to post!)

Well you know the format…if you’ve been following….Here it is once again, in case this is a ‘one-off’ for you and you happen to have just ‘dropped in,’ so to speak. (No hyphens). J

Organization: (International) at TM International Conference: August 13-16, 2015.

Patrick Hammond, Toastmasters, Las Vegas Championship Entry Speech.

Venue: Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, U.S.A.

Purpose of this post (Acronym: R O S E):

  1. To Retain this valuable information for posterity.
  2. To Offer inspiration to people.
  3. To Share the wisdom gleaned from motivational and inspirational speech givers at such events.
  4. To Effect positive changes in the world.


It’s not about you

Patrick Hammond.

A thief stole sentimental things from his home….Patrick, a youth leader learned from his youth group that such thieves, due to the way they operate, are called ‘flockers,’ –  a new word for Patrick, juvenile care worker. ‘Think about the effect on those you are connected to,’ he said….
He spoke of broken promises; of his own mother who had colon cancer. His brother had broken the law. Their mother was now on her death bed, but was hanging on. The possibility of mother and incarcerated brother being able to speak was remote, but she wanted to hang on only to speak to this son….

Patrick, asked his juvenile kids the important question, ‘why did she hang on before she passed?’

Practically shouting at us in a dramatic finish to his speech, (as he must have with those under his care). No! not just to have closure with the son – but the more important lesson here was that your actions have serious consequences -on those you love….and… whether they can live or even die… in peace! It’s not about you!

In the end – literally at the very end in the case of his mother’s life – it’s not about you!  It’s more about the effect you have on the people in your life.

The story was an excellent instructional tool for kids… no… for us all, actually….worth thinking about!

That’s today’s post folks!

Best regards,

Nilesh Shreedhar


Part #2: “If you are Speaking, you are selling.”

April 18, 2014

Jeremy Tracey.  “If you are Speaking, you are Selling.”

Hazel McCallion C, Delta Hotel, Meadowvale, Ontario.Toastmasters Spring Conference.

April 5-7, 2014.

“If you are Speaking, you are Selling”

As promised, here is the second selling  formula that Jeremy recommends so that you and the people you care for can get the things you want in life – either at work, or at home.

Jeremy often draws upon the experience and wisdom of Craig Valentine, a world-class professional speaker. Craig says that in order for an idea to appeal to someone, it must help them:

  1. Esteem more.
  2. Do more.
  3. Gain more.
  4. Enjoy more

Jeremy uses this EDGE formula and says it will work every time because it appeals to all types of people in one way or another.

Here is an example of it being used, in Jeremy’s write-up to invite people to this workshop:

“Regardless of your subject, you want your audience to walk away feeling excitement and enthusiasm because of what you said and how you said it. This workshop will be highly interactive and hands on. Arrive with questions and walk away with the skills that will help you stand out as a speaker that inspires your audience every time you speak. …It will take you less time to prepare an effective message when you understand the process that leads to your audience feeling connected to you and your words. It feels fantastic when people tell you how your speech has changed their way of thinking. Get ready for a lot more positive feedback.”

Notice how his advertisement appeals to all people, as all value their esteem or wish to do, gain or enjoy more…

You can use this simple EDGE (esteem, do, gain or enjoy more) formula everywhere – such as when getting the kids to help you clean up, or to convince your wife that you could both use a vacation!

Now let’s see what you can do to come up with creative uses in your own life!

If you want more information about Jeremy and what he does, check out the following links:;

“If you are Speaking, you are Selling”

April 9, 2014

Jeremy Tracey.  “If you are Speaking, you are Selling.”

Hazel McCallion C, Delta Hotel, Meadowvale, Ontario.Toastmasters Spring Conference.

April 5-7, 2014.

 “If you are Speaking, you are Selling” 

“Every time you speak, whether it is at your Toastmasters club or not, you are selling something,” so began the riveting learning workshop by Jeremy Tracy, one of Canada’s foremost professional speakers. If you ever get a chance to attend one of his speeches, by all means do attend, you won’t be disappointed.

I learned three useful formulas, including two useful acronyms, useful for daily life, in getting people’s cooperation. This includes that of spouses, children, family members, and almost anyone that you come across from home- to work- life.

Without further ado, here is one of those tips (more tips in later write-ups – I’m excited to share this with you):

In this example, let’s say you are trying to get your spouse to cooperate…for a specific example… maybe you desperately could use a vacation?

  1. Take them through your pain. (Make it bad).
  2. What is the benefit? (Make them want whatever it is you are recommending – tangible or intangible idea).
  3. Stop and Ask – what made the difference? (Engage the person(s))
  4. Share your long road. The person (or audience) will want to take the shortcut.
  5. Offer it up. What is the value of the tool or idea?

In brief and for general use, this can be summarized as PAIN, PAY, ASK, ROAD, OFFER.

What does it all of this mean? It means that before people change their way of doing things, they want to know how it will benefit them.

In order to see the benefit, they will want to ‘live’ through your eyes and experiences, so they can take a short-cut. Otherwise their traditional way will do just fine. After all, we are creatures of comfort!

Try the above method when you are ‘selling’ one of your ideas to someone – anyone! Remember, as one of the audience participants himself noted, after years of disliking those who sell, ‘sell’ is not a four-letter word.

Let me know how your results go. I will be sure to share other gems on this website on how to get more out of life and how to improve your overall results in its various areas. Wait for two more tips from Jeremy Tracey and good luck!

If you want more information about Jeremy and what he does, check out the following links:;




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