Dating: Negative review of

Hello bloggers and fans! Long time no see (or since I felt the ‘writing bug’!)

I wanted to share some important news with you about the above site, which i felt impassioned enough about to write about. (Note: I have been sleep-deprived the past few days after the initial ‘shock and awe’ effect of the site. (A very impressive one – but – folks – be very, very wary!!! (Can you say that several times without erring? 🙂

So below are sites I accessed to get more information, after which I wrote my own commentary based on my experiences with Two important lessons:

  1. This is a very, very expensive site.
  2. They are not customer-friendly and are against issuing refunds though you may not perceive any real value for service. Please refer to the following sites:


  2. Use the following search criteria:  reviews of
  3. Read my own review below:

Excellent review which jives with my experience to date (08 Jun 2017). I just had a chat w Francesca in Customer Service who refused to refund me $16 for those oh-so-unaccountable credits that get eaten up so fast! Apparently she will send me a full account (though after the fact and after I got in touch with my credit card company who had to advise me of their Customer Service number (not the one on site) and to try dealing with them first. Oh ya, having had such negative experiences with dating sites, I put my questions on the Customer Service section of their site. Yep, you guessed it! No reply to questions about auto-billing and perceived value for service including a confirmation that there would be fair dealings….NOT! The company holds all the cards and charges a lot of money for the privilege of using their site. STAY AWAY DARLINGS!

Nilesh Shreedhar.


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