Mohammed Qahtani’s winning Toastmasters speech on the “The Power of Words.”

  • Speech giver: Mohammed Qahtani.Organization: (International) at TM International Conference: August 13-16, 2015.Venue: Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, U.S.A.Purpose of this post and others (Acronym: R O S E):
    1. To Retain this valuable information for posterity.
    2. To Offer inspiration to people.
    3. To Share the wisdom gleaned from motivational and inspirational speech givers at such events.
    4. To Effect positive changes in the world.

    This speech was done by Mohammed Qahtani and it is called “The Power of Words” during the just completed International Toastmasters Conference in Las Vegas, U.S.A.

    Here it is as best as I can recall….

    Diabetes vs cancer. Qahtani almost convinced us during his speech that diabetes is more common, contrary to actual facts. He was able to do this because he has convinced friends with such made up stories….said believably…. demonstrating the power of the spoken word.

    In other words….Words can destroy happiness…or someone…especially when the wrong message is given at the wrong time. Example:  Mohammed said this actually happened to him: Scenario – a stubborn child who is colouring on a wall… Yelling “are you stupid?” at the kid, wasn’t making any difference. The child wouldn’t listen…. As a matter of fact, the child drew continually on the wall…..with his face looking directly at Mohammed, almost daring him to stop him.

    Qahtani said that pride wouldn’t allow the child to stop scribbling on wall when called stupid. Next time when it recurred, he lovingly told same child....”stop….you are a big boy now, big boys don’t do that!“ The result: he never scribbled on the wall again! This time the child’s pride at being called a big boy wouldn’t let him repeat the actions!
    Power of words…the same power demonstrated, with a much worse result….
    Nasser was a friend who hero worshipped his father and got straight A’s in school…Proudly Nasser told his dad by phone…only to be rejected: his father said” I’m busy”….

    Through Qahtani’s eyes we see Nasser’s demise…from a straight ‘A’ student to one using drugs, alcohol….and eventually ending up in emergency….where he didn’t revive. 
    Qahtani: A single word could’ve saved Nasser’s life!

    Improve the world….Words can be used to spit venom or mend a broken soul…let that be our goal….to use words in the most careful, productive and positive way possible!

  • Nilesh Shreedhar.

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